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One chocolate male, one sorrel male, one chocolate female, one sorrel female and two lilac females born 27th August 2009 from Legend Crystal Cappuccino (Bailey) x Crystalpaws Fawn Fantasy (Tas)
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Tas has an amazing litter and a wonderful mix of colours! Tas was fantastic during the birth and all the kittens were born in just over two hours. She is proving to be a really excellent mum and all seven appear to be strong and energetic. The two boys are the biggest and the sorrel female is the smallest but they are all a good size, especially as I didn't think Tas looked very big!! We are keeping a close eye on their weights and will supplement them if necessary but, so far, they all seem healthy.

Tas feeding her kittens at one day old

A pile of content kittens!


At one week old, Tas's kittens are all doing really well. We had to supplement a couple of them over the weekend but they are all gaining really well now and Tas is a fantastically relaxed mother.

Tas watching over her babies whilst they argue over who is feeding!

Fawn and lilac females

Sorrel male and female

Chocolate male and female


At two weeks old, Tas's kittens have learnt how to take turns to feed, so there is much less arguing now! They are all beginning to open their eyes - some have their eyes fully open. Tas is an amazing mum - it's hard to believe this is her first litter because she is so relaxed. Sadly the fawn female died two days after the group picture was taken. We are very shocked by it but we, and our vet, feel that it is just one of those strange kitten deaths that may have been a freak accident (our vet carried out a post mortem and couldn't find any reason for it). 

A bundle of babies

Lilac females

Sorrel male and female

Chocolate male and female

At three weeks old, Tas's kittens are starting to play fight with each other. They have now reached the really cute, photogenic stage.

Lilac female

Lilac female

Chocolate male

Chocolate female

Sorrel male

Sorrel female

At nearly five weeks old, Tas's kittens are out of their kitten box and are enjoying chasing each other around (it was very hard to take their pictures, as they kept moving their heads! We are trying to encourage them to eat solid food but only one of the lilacs seems to enjoy it at the moment - hopefully they'll all realise how tasty it is soon so that Tas can have a break!

Lilac female

Lilac female

Chocolate male

Chocolate female

Sorrel male

Sorrel female

At six and a half weeks old, Tas's kittens are now all eating solid food. One of the lilac's still needs a little bit of encouragement but once she realises that it tastes nice, she tucks in! It took ages for me to get a picture of the two chocolates because they kept climbing on my lap every time I called them to look towards the camera!

Lilac female - posing for her picture!

Lilac female - playing in the wine rack!

Chocolate male - just about to climb on my knee again!

Chocolate female - finally sitting still after lots of pictures of the back of her head!

Sorrel male - posing in the wine rack!

Sorrel female - deciding whether it's too far to jump!

At eight and a half weeks old, Tas's kittens are maturing fast and their individual characters are now showing. They are enjoying 'teaching' Ghost's kittens all their cheeky tricks.

Lilac female - sleeping in the dog's bed!

Lilac female - very pretty pose!

Chocolate male - having a cuddle from Jasmine!

Chocolate female - refusing to look at the camera!

Sorrel male - stalking his sister!

Sorrel female - playing on their blanket!

At eleven weeks old, Tas's kittens are still enjoying tearing around the house and do a great impression of a herd of elephants! These all seem to be very cuddly, purry kittens. They will be having their second vaccinations next week and then off to their new homes a few days later.

Lilac female - in the dog's bed again!

Lilac female - stopping to pose for the camera!

Chocolate male - watching the feather toy before pouncing!

Chocolate female - just sitting, posing!

Sorrel male - chasing the feather toy!

Sorrel female - also watching the feather toy!



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