Tas's Second Litter





One chocolate male, one chocolate female and one lilac male born 20th April 2010 from Legend Crystal Cappuccino (Bailey) x Crystalpaws Fawn Fantasy (Tas)
Males reserved. Female is staying with us.

Tas had been telling us all day that she was going to have her kittens soon and she finally started having them at 1am!! They all came quite quickly and Tas soon settled down to feed them. Tas is a fantastic mum and doesn't even like to leave her kittens to eat her food!!

Tas looking after her babies at two days old

A quick picture whilst Tas was eating her food!

At one week old, Tas's kittens have all doubled their birth weight and have started to open their eyes. Tas has settled well, she will now leave her kittens to eat her food and she even goes for a wander around the house every now then!!

Chocolate male

Fawn male with one eye open

Chocolate female

At two weeks old, Tas's kittens are a lot more lively and their characters are beginning to show. It took ages to take their pictures because they kept turning their heads just as I pressed the button - I hate to think how difficult it will be in a few weeks!

Chocolate male

Fawn male

Chocolate female

At nearly four weeks old, Tas's kittens are nearly climbing out of their kitten box. It was much easier taking their pictures today as they had only just woken up! I'm starting to think that the fawn male may actually be lilac as he is looking very grey!

Chocolate male

Fawn/lilac male

Chocolate female

At nearly seven weeks old, Tas's kittens are enjoying chasing Sienna's kittens around the house. They are eating well and come running like a herd of elephants when they are called for their food! I'm fairly sure that the male kitten is lilac and not fawn.

Chocolate male - it took ages to take this picture as he was too busy playing!

Lilac male - looking very relaxed

Chocolate female - sleeping on my shoe!

At eight and a half weeks, Tas's kittens are growing fast and love their food - they have even started climbing my legs when I'm dishing it up (fortunately their claws have been clipped)!!!! They were very lively when we took their photos today and we had loads of the backs of their heads or a tail disappearing!!!

Chocolate male - refusing to look at the camera!

Lilac male - having a nice stretch!

Chocolate female just about to pounce on my toe!

At eleven weeks old, Tas's kittens have had their first vaccinations and health checks - the vet remarked at what a big boy the lilac is! They have calmed down a bit when it comes to feeding time - I think they've realised that there is plenty of food for all!!

Chocolate male - relaxing!

Lilac male - showing his lovely ear tufts!

Chocolate female - relaxing after a busy play session!




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