Two usual tortie females born 14th April 2010 from Crystalpaws Red Blaze (Blaze) x Crystalpaws Sienna Storm (Sienna).
 Both reserved.

Sienna took her time having her kittens, with three hours between them!! The kittens are both quite big and had birth weight's of over 100g. Sienna and both kittens are doing really well.

The girls at one day old

At one week old, Sienna's kittens have doubled their birth weight and are starting to open their eyes. Both kittens have really lovely rich colour.

Cute babies

Rolling over for a belly rub!

At two weeks old, Sienna's kittens are growing fast and seem to suddenly look like miniature cats. They both seem to have very laid back personalities and enjoy being cuddled.

Usual tortie female posing for the camera!

Usual tortie female looking very suspiciously at the camera!

At three weeks old, Sienna's kittens are now spending a lot of time play fighting and have now moved downstairs to get used to the noise of a busy house - including our very cheeky two year old who loves to cuddle them! Both kittens seem to like to pose for their pictures.

Usual tortie female curled up on the settee

Usual tortie female looking a bit sleepy

At nearly five weeks old, Sienna's kittens are starting to eat solid food. They are starting to get very lively and love to run around the front room.

Having a good stretch before chasing her sister!

Just about to make a run for it!

At nearly eight weeks old, Sienna's kittens are growing fast and are extremely lively! They enjoy chasing each other and Tas's kittens around like a mini herd of elephants!

Guarding her tub of food!

Posing showing her lovely tortie marking on her head

At nine and a half weeks, Sienna's kittens have had their first vaccinations and health checks. Both these kittens are really laid back and easy going - when Tas's kittens are screaming for their food, these two wait patiently! Having said that, it took ages to take their pictures today and the only way we could keep them in one place was to let them have their feather toy!!

Tasting feathers!

Biting the 'birdie'!

At twelve weeks old, Sienna's kittens have had their second vaccinations and purred all the way through them!! These two kittens are really pretty little girls and will be going off to their new homes in a few days.

Licking her lips!

Relaxing in the sun!




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