One sorrel male and one sorrel female born 18th February 2009 from Olathe Crystal Blade (Blade) x Crystalpaws Sienna Storm (Sienna).
 Both reserved.

Sienna had her kittens at a very respectable time in the afternoon, which is always nice as it meant that I was fully awake! Both kittens are a really good size and started feeding almost straight away before they were dry. Sienna is being a wonderful mum as usual.

Sorrel female

Sorrel male

At just over two weeks old, Sienna's kittens are really big fat babies. Sienna is such a good mum - she is so laid back and content - motherhood certainly suits her.

Sorrel female

Sorrel male

At just over three weeks old, Sienna's kittens are just starting to look over the top of their kitten box, so I think they'll be out in a couple of days. They are also chasing each other around their box. They are still chubby little babies!!!

Sorrel female using her brother as a pillow

Sorrel male looking very cute

At nearly five weeks old, Sienna's kittens are now out of their box and are chasing each other around the bathroom. they are beginning to eat the mum's food - the sorrel female loves her mum's chicken mince!

Sorrel female

Sorrel male

At just over six weeks old, Sienna's kittens are now enjoying running around the house with Mosaic's kittens. They really love their food now too!

Sorrel female

Sorrel male


At nearly eight weeks old, Sienna's kittens' characters are really showing now. The male is always first out of the door, even beating all of Mosaic's kittens who are three weeks older! He was also being very cheeky when I was trying to take pictures - he turned his head every time I pressed the button! The female was being very cute when it was picture time.

Sorrel female - playing with the towel on the chair.

Sorrel male - just about to jump down!

At nine weeks old, Sienna's kittens have had their first vaccinations. They have quite different characters to each other - the female has the brains and tends to think before doing things, whereas the male is just both feet straight in!

Sorrel female - standing and posing!

Sorrel male - not looking at the camera again!

At eleven weeks old, Sienna's kittens are enjoying 'teaching' Crystal's kittens all their wonderful games. They are suddenly looking very grown up. It took ages to get a picture of the male as, every time I called him to look at the camera, he walked towards me!!

Sorrel female - Alyssa

Sorrel male - Moretti





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