One sorrel female, one sorrel male and two usual females born 30th September 2007 from Joe x Sienna
(All reserved).

Sienna had her kittens with no problems, starting in the early hours of Sunday morning! She got a little carried away cleaning the first kitten and managed to nip the end of it's tail off. The kitten is fine and her tail is still about the same length as the other's - she's just lost her black tail tip!

Sienna looking after her babies

Four content babies

At one week old, Sienna's kittens are growing fast and have all more than doubled their birth weight. They are also beginning to open their eyes.

The big usual girl

The little sorrel girl

The big sorrel boy - with his eyes nearly open.

The little usual girl (who's missing tail tip has healed brilliantly).

The three girls using their brother as a pillow!


At nearly three weeks old, Sienna's kittens are becoming a lot more adventurous and their individual characters are beginning to show. The little usual girl seems to have a temperament like her mum and will run towards us as soon as she hears us near by and will cry for a cuddle!

The big usual girl - who looks half asleep still!

Little sorrel girl (who didn't want her photo taken - she's very good at turning her head just as I take the picture!!)

The little usual girl

A very relaxed sorrel boy

At four and a half weeks, Sienna's kittens are out of the kittening box and are running around the kitten room. They are also beginning to eat their mum's food. They were being very awkward when I tried to take their photos - I have a lot of the back of their heads!

The little sorrel girl

The big usual girl playing 'hide & seek' behind the cupboard!

The little usual girl with the shorter tail

Sorrel boy licking his lips!

At nearly seven weeks old, Sienna's kittens are all eating really well and have moved downstairs so that they get used to all the normal household noises. They are very lively and it's now even more difficult to take pictures of them as they are tearing around!

The sorrel boy - checking out the dog's bed!

The big usual girl - mid run!

The sorrel girl

The cheeky little usual girl - it took me ages to take a picture of her face!!

Sienna's kittens are now nine weeks old and will be having their first vaccinations later today. They are really lively and taking pictures is virtually impossible - they don't sit still for a second - especially when the camera comes out!!

Sorrel girl

Little usual girl

Usual girl "Beedi"

Sorrel boy "Billy"

At eleven weeks old, Sienna's kittens are starting to look quite mature and all of their coats are looking really nicely ticked. These kittens have amazing temperaments and are not afraid of anything - they even try to eat the dog's food whilst the dogs are eating it!

Billy boy relaxing

The two usual girls - posing for a change!

The beautiful sorrel girl



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