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At two years old
Click for picture at 5 months old

Chocolate silver Abyssinian
Carries sorrel and possibly dilute
PK def normal
From lines tested PRA normal

Tia's first litter

Tia is Molly and Mars' daughter and is a very rare chocolate silver. She has a very pretty face like her mum and seems to be quite clear silver.
Tia is a purry little girl just like her mum. She is becoming more cuddly but she is quite a madam and always runs in the opposite direction when it is time for the cats to go to bed:-)
Tia has had one litter of kittens with us but has now gone to live with Lydia Barrett of Highlight Abyssinians. She will help Lydia breed chocolate and lilac:-)



Sorrel Tortie Abyssinian
From lines tested PK def normal
From lines tested PRA normal

Ginny is the only daughter of our sex-linked red girl, Essence Rohama Ruby. We decided to keep Ginny because her mum, Ruby, had problems giving birth and we felt that it was not a good idea to try again with her. Hopefully Ginny will not have the same problems. Ginny is a very sweet, cuddly girl.
As we are taking a break from breeding, Ginny will be the foundation queen for a new Abyssinian breeder, Clive Greatorex. Clive has shown Ginny several times and she has won a Merit each time - she is a little superstar:-)




Contact details

Debbie Dixon
01206 845776


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