Coco had a single kitten on the morning of 25/10/14. It was a very traumatic birth - the kitten was breach (which is not uncommon for some of my Abys) and stuck, as it was such a big kitten. After 40 minutes of being stuck, and seconds before going to the vet, the kitten was finally born but not breathing I frantically rubbed the kitten and tried to get as much fluid from the lungs as possible and eventually the kitten gasped. She was born at 10:30 and her breathing was still not good by the afternoon. She didn't seem strong enough to feed but I managed to get a couple of mls of formula in her along with Nutridrops. I carried on with the formula every two hours and she seemed to perk up in the evening of 25/10 and I thought she may start to suckle from Coco. Sadly she has lost her fight this morning and is with the angels :-( Coco is okay and seems happy to be back with her friends - she hadn't washed her kitten much and I think she knew. This is the part of breeding that you never get used to:-(

We do have some good news - we think that Nessie is pregnant and will be due around 15th December 2014.

Bella is currently visiting Olly.