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Just a little about some of our neuters and cats who have been in our breeding programme. Some of our neuters stay with us forever but, if we feel that they would benefit from being in a household with fewer cats or as only cats, we sometimes let them go to carefully selected homes - often to friends of the family. This is never an easy decision but we have found that neutered females can be bullied by breeding females, so they are much happier in a new forever home where they can relax and be totally spoilt:-)


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Chocolate Abyssinian
Carries sorrel & dilute
PK def normal
Both parents tested PRA normal
Coco's first litter
Coco's second litter
Coco's third litter
Coco's fourth litter
Coco's Fifth litter

Coco is Bailey and Tas's daughter and is our first chocolate female that we have decided to keep to continue with our chocolate breeding programme. Coco has been DNA tested to confirm that she is chocolate. She has really nice type and lovely ear tufts. Coco has a really laid back, sweet temperament and loves to be cuddled. She even lets our five year old son carry her around  - she never struggles or scratches!



At nine months old with best friend Jack!

Chocolate Abyssinian
Carries sorrel & dilute
Tested PK def normal
Both parents tested PRA normal
Chilli's first litter
Chilli's second litter
Chilli's third litter
Chilli's fourth litter

Chilli is Mira and Bailey's daughter. She is the first chocolate female that Mira has had, so we just had to keep her.
Chilli is very cuddly and loves being picked up and carried around like a baby! She is very easy going and takes everything in her stride.
We hope that she will help in our chocolate/lilac breeding programme.


At nine months old

Cream silver Abyssinian
PK def normal
From lines tested PRA normal
Nessie's first litter
Nessie's second litter
Nessie's third litter
Nessie's fourth litter

Nessie is Tinks and Buzz's daughter and is a very rare cream silver female - she is possibly the first cream silver female with only Abyssinians in her pedigree to be born in the world, the only other ones that we know of had a Somali parent - so she is a very special little girl!
Nessie is one of the purriest cats we have known and she loves being cuddled. She likes to help with everything we do and has no fear. She is so pretty, she makes your heart melt.
We hope that she will help with our sex-linked and silver breeding.


Olly carries dilute
 From lines tested clear of PK def
From lines tested clear of PRA.

Olly is a very special boy as he is the last kitten produced from Imperial Grand Champion Brunnbacken's Sambesi before he was neutered. His mum is our lovely Rosie and he has an amazing personality. He is a very happy little boy and loves being carried around and sleeping on our beds! He is quite a character and loves to suckle on cuddly toys:-) Olly has now been neutered and is enjoying being part of the family in the house with the neutered girls.


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Debbie Dixon
01206 845776

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