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Two blue males, one sorrel male and one fawn male born 17th June 2010 from Olathe Crystal Blade (Blade) x Kazizkatz Crystal Almira (Mira)
All reserved.

Mira was fantastic having her kittens and managed almost completely on her own between 1.00 and 4.00 in the morning - all I needed to do was break the last kitten's cord and take the after birth away because Mira sniffed it and looked at me as if to say 'I really don't want another one!'. We were surprised that she had four as she didn't seem very big at all - they are also all very good weights. Mira is proving to be a fantastic mum and all the kittens have gained a lot of weight in the first 24hrs.

1 day old

At ten days old, Mira's and her kittens are all doing really well. Mira is a lovely relaxed mum and seems to really enjoy being a mum. All of her kittens have more than doubled their birth weight by one week old and are now starting to open their eyes.

Blue male

Fawn male

Sorrel male

Blue male

At three weeks old, Mira's kittens all have their eyes open and are now beginning to play fight. They are also starting to try to climb out of their kitten box!

Blue male

Fawn male

Sorrel male

Blue male

At five weeks old, Mira's kittens are out of their kitten box and are enjoying eating their mum's food. They have also moved downstairs into the kitchen so that they can get used to all the typical household noises.

Blue male - smiling for the camera!

Sleepy fawn male

A very handsome sorrel male

Blue male - "Go away, I'm sleeping!!"

At eight weeks old, Mira's kittens are now enjoying a variety of food and love chasing each other around. They were very playful when their pictures were taken, so they are a little out of focus - I'll try to take them when they are sleepier next time!

Blue male watching the birdie toy!

Fawn male catching the birdie toy!

Sorrel male having a cuddle from Jack!

Blue male doing his impression of a meerkat!

At nearly eleven weeks old, Mira's kittens have had their first vaccinations and are all growing into lovely big boys! The sorrel male even purred whilst he was being vaccinated.

Blue male relaxing in their new bed!

Fawn male posing for his picture!

Sorrel male chasing his shadow!

Blue male waving at the camera!



Contact details

Debbie Dixon
01206 845776


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