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Just a little about some of our Aby's who are still in our hearts.

Crystaltips Paper Tiger
2nd January 1993 - 17th November 2006
Blossom was the first Crystaltips Abyssinian (she made sure she was first as she was the only one in the litter!!) and she is the only cat I knew who would stick their tongue out when miaowing!!!
Blossom was a real character and loved bashing her head in everybody's face - she just loved people.
Blossom is sadly missed but never forgotten - we still have her great niece Ghost.


Blossom with her mum Becha

A mother's love - Becha with baby Blossom


Minoumia Ameya Dembecha
July 1991 - 1st May 2007

Becha was my first Aby and our foundation queen, she was the mother of the first Crystaltips champion (Champion Crystaltips Blue Max). Unfortunately Becha developed Pyometra and had an emergency spaying on Christmas Eve in 1995 after only three litters of kittens.
Becha had spent most of her time with her daughter Blossom and never really got over losing her friend of fourteen years. Becha will never be forgotten and lives on in her great-grand daughter Ghost and all her other descendents.

Becha aged 10 months

Aged 6 years

With her baby Blossom


Crystalpaws Silver Saffron
3rd December 2004 - 2nd February 2008

Losing Deedee was such a shock - she was just too young. She had four beautiful babies who were only four weeks old when she suffered a heart attack. Her babies were all okay and a real credit to her.
Deedee was Crystal and Joe's daughter and Sienna's mum.
She was very pretty and extremely out-going - nothing seemed to worry her. She has left a big hole.

Baby Deedee

Adult Deedee

Deedee looking after her babies


Crystaltips Fizz
10th July 1999 - 2nd May 2009

Bob was never really meant to stay with us - he was booked but his new owners then felt that their dog wouldn't get on with him! As he had a wonderful loving temperament, we decided to keep him as a lovely pet. Bob loved everybody and was the best salesman when people came to view our kittens! Bob started losing weight last year but, despite many tests, our vet could not find a reason for it. Bob was the most cuddliest cat that you could wish for and he died peacefully at home with all his friends around him. He will be sadly missed by us and all the feline girls that he took care of.

Bob aged 8

Bob showing his lovely yellow eyes

Bob with his baby sister Star



Grand Champion Koperkat Drake Ramoray
13th December 2002 - 15th August 2009

Joe was a beautiful usual boy who made champion in three shows and very quickly made grand champion. Joe was a really sweet easy going boy who sired many kittens for us and our friends. We decided to neuter him because he did not carry dilute and we found out that he carried PRA. Joe retired to my mum's to be an indoor pet cat but he desperately wanted to go outside, so eventually we relented and he was allowed out during the day time - he loved his time outside and was enjoying his retirement. Sadly, he didn't want to come inside one evening and he was knocked by a speeding driver. Joe is still sadly missed by us all.



Champion Flamstone Silver Crystal
17th May 2003 - 15th April 2011

Crystal was our first silver Abyssinian and she was a beautiful black silver. Crystal was a fantastic mum to all of her kittens and seemed to glow when she had babies. She loved all the other cats and they all seemed to get along well with her, many of them enjoying to curl up with her. Sadly she developed pyometra and had to be spayed. She was very happy after being spayed and loved being out keeping the stud boys company. She became ill very suddenly and was unfortunately diagnosed with heart failure. Crystal is missed hugely.

Crystal as a kitten and aged 7 years



Grand Champion Koperkat Amber Crystal
27th April 2001 - 8th February 2012

Amber had a fantastic show career, including Overall Best in Show at the Bucks. Oxon & Berks. Cat Club show 2001 when she was only four months old! She made Champion in three shows and made Grand Champion in five shows! Amber had the "Aby look" that attracted me to the breed and I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her at only four weeks old - I just thought she was absolutely stunning.
Amber had a superb temperament and was very easy going. Sadly she suddenly developed kidney, liver and pancreas failure along with severe diabetes - she became so ill, so quickly that we decided that it was kinder to let her go.

Amber at six months old and with her second litter of kittens


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01206 845776

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