Gigi's Third Litter





One black silver male born 30th December 2013 from Crystalpaws Frodo Baggins (Frodo) x Silversmoke Gigi (Gigi).  

Gigi just has one big, fat male kitten this time. He was born very easily and Gigi cleaned him up completely on her own. She was very agitated for a couple of days before he was born and very protective of him for a couple of days after but she has settled nicely now. Gigi is a great mum and her baby is feeding well.

2 days old

At one week old, Gigi's kitten has doubled his birth weight. Gigi is becoming more relaxed each day and is no longer worrying when we need to weigh and check her baby. He looks far more silver now:-)

One week old

At two weeks old, Gigi's kitten has nearly got his eyes fully open. He is gaining weight at an amazing rate - it helps that he has all the milk to himself!

Two weeks old

At three weeks old, Gigi's kitten is starting to move around much more. He is really happy to be handled and will quite happily sit in our ands.

Three weeks old

At five weeks old, Gigi's kitten has now moved downstairs and is starting to eat some solid food. He is enjoying playing with Coco's chocolate male kitten, who will be with us for another couple of weeks before going to his new home.

Five weeks old - what a handsome boy:-)

At seven weeks old, Gigi's little boy is enjoying eating all solid food now and is starting to look more grown up. He has enjoyed playing in the sun in our conservatory with all of the adult cats. He seemed to enjoy meeting his new owners at the weekend:-)

At seven weeks old in the sun:-)

At nine weeks old, Gigi's kitten had had his first vaccination and vet check. Our vet said he was a lovely healthy kitten:-) He is quite a character and is always in front of all the adult cats at feeding time!

At nine weeks old

At eleven and a half weeks old, Gigi's kitten is looking so grown up. His new game is teasing the dogs - he likes to go and see them, and then sit the other side of the child gate, so they can't play with him! He is very cheeky.

Relaxing at just over 11 weeks old.


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