Ghost's Third Litter





One sorrel male born 12th September 2006 from Storm x Amber
One usual male, two chocolate males and two sorrel females born 13th September 2006 from Joe x Ghost
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The birth of Amber's kitten was quite eventful! We took her to the vet for a check up, because she was over due and showing no signs of labour, and she ended up having a caesarean because her single kitten was so big - the vet was concerned about Amber and the kitten if he got any bigger! Amber and her baby came through the operation fine but she would only nurse him if  I sat next to her. Every time I moved, she picked him up and took him wherever she went or she just left him! We persevered for a while and hoped that she would settle but  she seemed to be confused about where her kitten had come from. We thought that we were going to have to hand feed him but Ghost had her five babies the following day and she seemed only too happy to take on Amber's baby too!!

Ghost is doing a fantastic job looking after all six kittens and they are all gaining weight at an amazing rate. Amber is also fine and seems to have completely forgotten that she had a baby!

Ghost with a watchful eye over all the babies.

Feeding time

Six very content babies, with full up tummies!

At twelve days old, all the kittens have their eyes open and all are doing really well. Ghost is doing an excellent to job looking after them all.

Ghost watching over her babies

Six little monsters!!

At three weeks old, the babies are almost able to climb out of there bed. Their personalities are beginning to show. Ghost is doing really well and still looks at the peak of fitness despite feeding six hungry babies!

A sorrel female and chocolate male playing


Usual male "Where do you want me to look?"

Chocolate males trying to escape!

Ghost keeping en eye


At five weeks old, Ghost and Amber's kittens are all out of their kitten box and enjoying chasing each other around. They are now all eating solid food, so Ghost is enjoying some freedom!!

Chocolate male

Amber's sorrel male

Sorrel female

Sorrel female

Chocolate male

Usual male

A pile of babies waking up!

At seven and a half weeks old, Ghost and Amber's kitten are becoming very boisterous and are enjoying teaching Crystal's kittens all their cheeky tricks!

Chocolate male

Sorrel female

Chocolate male

Amber's sorrel male

Sorrel female with enormous tufts!

Usual male

At ten weeks old, Ghost and Amber's kittens are doing really well. They all had their first vaccinations last week and were all very well behaved, with no wriggling whilst the vet checked them all - very unusual for Aby's!!

Usual male and sorrel female watching the "birdie!"

Amber's sorrel male - very handsome

Chocolate male - Aren't I handsome!

Chocolate male - You woke me up!

Sorrel female with tufts - sitting pretty

Sorrel female - a bit close to the camera!!

Two of the sorrels with Crystal's usual silver female enjoying the sunshine


At thirteen weeks old, Ghost and Amber's kittens have all had their second vaccinations and have nearly all gone to their new homes. These pictures were taken as they were leaving.

Biscuit - usual male

Sun - Amber's sorrel male

Giselle - Sorrel female with her new owner

Bligh - chocolate male

Jack - chocolate male

Anamaria - sorrel female



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