Ghost's Second Litter





Two blue females born 27th January 2006 from Storm x Ghost
(Both reserved)

This is Ghost's second litter but Storm's first. Both kittens are huge, which is why Ghost looked like a barrel despite only having two kittens! Ghost is an excellent mum and loves having all the other cats around her when she is with her babies, she was even quite happy to let Storm watch his babies being born!! These kittens already have names as they were born on my step-daughter Jaydee's birthday - they will be 'Jay' and 'Dee'.

3 days old

Ghost feeding her babies

3 days old

Ghost's kittens are just coming up to two weeks old and are beginning to open their eyes. They are still both very chubby babies and appear to have very laid back personalities.

"You won't find milk round there!"

"That's better!"


Jay (at back), Dee (at front)

Ghost's kittens are still very chubby at three and a half weeks - they seem to resemble teddy bears instead of cats!! They are really cuddly babies and seem to really enjoy being picked up and cuddled.



Jay & Dee with a teddy bear

Ghost keeping an eye!

Ghost's kittens are now five weeks old and are nearly as big as Crystal's kittens even though they are two weeks younger! They spend most of their time with Crystal's kittens and are becoming just as playful as Crystal's cheeky boys. They are just starting to eat some solid food - I think that they prefer Ghost's milk!!

Jay playing on top of the kitten pen

Dee relaxing

At seven weeks old Ghost's kittens spend all their time with there big friends - Crystal's kittens! They love their food now, even though it took us a while to convince them that it was just as good as 'mummy's milk'! These are still very laid back kittens but they are becoming just as boisterous as the boys!

Dee looking pretty

Jay - "I think I've eaten too much , I've got tummy ache!"

At ten weeks Ghost's kittens have had their first vaccinations. They are almost as big as  Crystal's kittens despite being two weeks younger! They are both very much 'lap cats'.


Dee relaxing

Sorry but I didn't manage to get any more pictures before Jay and Dee went to their new homes at thirteen weeks (due to technical difficulties!). Jay has gone to her new home with Superstition (Crystal's kittens) and Dee is going to be thoroughly spoilt on her own!!



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