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Two usual females and a sorrel male born 16th March 2005 from Joe x Ghost
All reserved

This is Ghost's first litter, and after three days, she appears to be an excellent mum. She sailed through the birth with no problems and all three babies seem to be very content.

Ghost curled up with her babies

The sorrel boy already seems to enjoy posing!

Protecting her babies


Ghost's kittens are now three weeks old and their characters are beginning to show. They are quite a lively bunch and it is already hard to keep them still long enough for pictures! Ghost is proving herself to be an excellent mum and she hasn't inherited her mother's habit of moving her family every few days - thank goodness!!

Ghost looking after her three big, fat babies!

Usual girl

The other usual girl

Sorrel boy


At four weeks, Ghost's kittens are beginning to enjoy solid food in between their milk feeds from their mum. They are also becoming very adventurous and now all have names.

Usual girl - Tigriniya

Sorrel boy - Achyuta

Usual girl - Jacinta


At six weeks, Ghost's kittens are eating loads and growing fast! They all seem to be lovely friendly kittens and love being cuddled when they eventually get tired from all the chasing each other around!




A rare moment with them all sitting still!

A cuddle from Georgia

Ghost's kittens are now nine weeks old and have had their first vaccinations. They love tearing around the house with their big sister Deedee but I just about managed to catch them asleep for long enough for pictures - a rare moment!

The girls

Jacinta - "Aren't I pretty"

Tigriniya - "Ahhhh!"

Achyuta - "I'm trying to sleep!"

At twelve weeks old Ghost's kittens have had their second vaccinations and will be going off to their new homes soon.

Tigriniya - Making a silly face again!

Jacinta - Posing as usual!

Achyuta - Out in the run, watching the birds!



Contact details

Debbie Dixon
01206 845776

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