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Three sorrel females and one sorrel silver female  born 30th December 2007 from Storm x Deedee
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Deedee had her babies with no problems at all. They came so quickly that she didn't have time to dry one before the next one arrived. Despite a couple of them being quite small, they are all feeding well and gaining weight rapidly.

At 3 days old

At ten days old, Deedee's kittens have their eyes almost fully open and have more than doubled their birth weights. Deedee is coping really well and all the kittens are lovely and lively.

Deedee looking after her babies.

Sorrel silver female.

Sorrel female.

Sorrel female.

Sorrel female refusing to look at the camera!

At three weeks old, Deedee's kittens are growing fast and are very active. We have had a bit of a scare with Deedee, her breathing suddenly went quite laboured, so she was rushed to the vet. She is much better now but unfortunately she has lost most of her milk, so we are hand feeding the kittens to supplement them. They are quite greedy little girls and are already showing an interest in Deedee's food! (Deedee will have some tests done when her kittens are fully weaned to try to find out why it happened but this will be Deedee's last litter).

Sorrel female - shouting for her milk!

Another sorrel female - climbing onto my knee for her extra milk!!

The other sorrel female - queuing for her extra milk!!

Sorrel silver female - snuggled with her sisters, nice and content after her feed.

At nearly five weeks old, Deedee's kittens are very lively and adventurous. Three of them are tucking into solid food - the other one still prefers milk! These are all very purry little girls.

Sorrel silver female

Sorrel female with her big sister Sienna

Sorrel female

Sorrel female

Deedee's kittens are now nearly seven weeks old and are all eating really well now. These kittens are all real cuties and will always try to find a lap or shoulder to curl up on when they are sleepy.

Sorrel female relaxing in the warmth of the fire.

Sorrel female with her dinner on her nose!

Sorrel silver refusing to look at the camera (it took me ages to get a picture that wasn't the back of her head!)

Sorrel female playing on the stairs with her dinner on her nose!

Playing in front of the fire.

At nearly nine weeks old, Deedee's kittens are tearing around the house with their big sister Sienna and their friend Mosaic. They now all have names.

Constance - Not looking at the camera (again!!)

Scarlet - Nicely posing.

Issie - Also posing for her picture.

Coco - Stalking her sisters.

Deedee's kittens are nearly eleven weeks old and had their first vaccinations a couple of weeks ago. The vet was really impressed with their size and two of them even purred whilst being vaccinated!!




Scarlet - balancing!

Deedee's kittens are now twelve weeks old and will be going to their new homes next week. Issie and Coco are going to a nice home together, and Constance is going to live with her big half sister. Scarlet is going to live with a nice family too.

Scarlet with her Great Auntie Amber.

Constance - she has finally learnt to look at the camera!

Coco - trying to curl up with her big friend Tigger!

Issie - half asleep!



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