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Deedee's Second Litter
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One sorrel female, one sorrel male, one sorrel silver male and one usual (black) silver male born 16th December 2006 from Storm x Deedee
(All reserved).

Deedee had her babies with no problems at all even though they are quite big babies. They all started to feed before Deedee had the chance to dry them properly, so now at only one day old, they have lovely round tummies!!


At ten days old Deedee's kittens all have there eyes open. They are all doing really well and have all trebled their birth weight.

Feeding time

A sorrel and sorrel silver male

Usual silver male

A pile of babies

At three weeks old the kittens are far more mobile and are almost able to get out of their kitten box.

Sorrel female

Sorrel male - shouting!!

Usual silver male

Sorrel silver male

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil!!!!

At five weeks old, Deedee's kittens are now running around the kitten room and are beginning to enjoy some solid food.

Usual silver male licking his mouth after eating his dinner!

Sorrel silver male - what a poser!!

Sorrel female sticking her tongue out!!

Sorrel male - standing still for just a second before jumping on his sister!

The two silvers

The two sorrels

At six and a half  weeks old Deedee's kittens are all eating well and are becoming quite boisterous! They all seem to have inherited their mum and dad's out-going temperament, and all love people. They also all seemed to enjoy posing for their photos!!!

Sorrel female

Sorrel male

Usual silver male

Sorrel silver male

At eight and a half weeks all the kittens are very lively and enjoy tearing around with their big sister Sienna and their new friend Mosaic!

Sorrel female

Sorrel male

Sorrel silver male

Usual silver male

At eleven weeks old, Deedee's kittens have had their first vaccinations and are really growing up. They are all really friendly and out-going. They all have lovely characters and we'll miss them when they  go to their new homes in a couple of weeks.

Sorrel female - who is very pretty!

Sorrel silver male - up to mischief!

Sorrel male - just posing next to the settee, again!!

Usual silver male - playing on the stairs again!

Deedee kittens have all had their second vaccinations and have gone to their new homes.


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Debbie Dixon
01206 845776

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