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Deedee's First Litter
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Deedee's Kittens



Three sorrel females, one sorrel male and one sorrel silver male born 8th May 2006 from Storm x Deedee
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I was amazed that Deedee had five babies - I didn't think that she looked big enough!! Deedee sailed through the birth and is proving herself to be an excellent mum. At three days old all the kittens are feeding well and are all a good size.

Deedee feeding four of her babies, the other one seems to have got lost!

A pile of sorrel babies!!

At ten days old, Deedee's kittens have all more than doubled their birth  weight and most mow have their eyes open. Deedee is an excellent laid back mother and doesn't mind us picking her kittens up - she just  purrs at us!

All looking very content

Theyare all becoming more aware of their surroundings

Sorrel silver male using his sister as a pillow

At nearly three weeks old, Deedee's kittens are still growing very fast and are all of a good size. They are lovely chubby, laidback babies.

Sorrel female

Sorrel female

Sorrel female

Sorrel male

Sorrel silver male

At four weeks old, Deedee's kittens are becoming more adventurous and enjoy running around the "kitten room" and climbing all over us. Deedee is a very easy-going, content mother and we can see that this is being passed on to her babies - they all seem to enjoy cuddles!

"You woke us up!"

Sorrel female.

Sorrel silver male

Sorrel female

Sorrel female - posing!

Sorrel male - the biggest poser of all!

Deedee's kittens are now six weeks old and love chasing each other around. They are now all eating solid food but still love their mum's milk! We have decided to keep one of the girls for breeding.

Sorrel silver male - not wanting his picture taken!

Sorrel female - "is this a good pose?"

Sienna relaxing (this is the girl that will be staying with us)

Sorrel female looking very cute

Sorrel male - trying to out do his sisters for cuteness!


Deedee's kittens are now eight and a half weeks old and are now very boisterous. They all have fantastic personalities and have been 'helping' me update this website.

Bart (sorrel silver male) relaxing

Sienna looking very pretty

Sorrel female posing

The other sorrel female trying to out do her sister's pose!

Bart - 'it looks a long way down!'

Gus (sorrel male) relaxing

At eleven weeks old, Deedee's kittens are growing fast. They are all real 'people' cats, and will all run to come and see us when we arrive home. They also always play near to us and love to rub around our legs. These pictures were taken on a very hot day!!








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