Usual male, sorrel male, usual silver female and blue silver female born 21st September 2006 from Storm x Crystal
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Crystal had her kittens with no problems again - she even had them at a reasonable time of day!! We were very surprised to see a blue silver because we were not sure that she carried dilute! Crystal and her babies are doing really well. All of the babies have extremely fat tummies and are gaining weight at an alarming  rate! These pictures were taken at four days old.

Nice and relaxed

Crystal checking her babies

At two weeks, Crystal and her babies are all doing really well. All of the babies are real fatties!

Protecting her babies

"Where did you want us to look?"

Sorrel, usual and blue silver

"Mother's love" Crystal with her usual silver baby

Crystal's kittens are now four weeks old and are enjoying chasing each other around the kitten room. They are not yet showing any interest in solid food - they like their mum's milk too much!

Sorrel male

Usual silver female

Blue silver female

Usual male

At six and a half weeks, Crystal's kittens are now eating well but still enjoy  their mum's milk! They spend most  of their time playing with Ghost and Amber's kittens.

Sorrel male

Blue silver female

Usual male

Usual silver female

Crystal's kittens are now nine weeks old and have just had their first vaccinations. They are all very pretty babies and I finally managed to take some pictures of them sitting still (only for a second though).

Usual male - what a poser!!

Usual silver female - looking very pretty

Sorrel male - I'm cute too!

Blue silve female showing her lovely silver colour

At twelve weeks old, Crystal's kitten have had their second vaccinations and will be going to their new homes in the next few days. The two males certainly take after their dad Storm - they purred all the way through having their vaccinations and check ups!!

Silver Lucia - Usual silver female

Haile - Blue silver female

Haile and Maccus (usual male)

Silver Lucia catching the birdie

Simbakka - Sorrel male

Silver Lucia and Maccus



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