Three males born Friday 13th January 2006 from Joe and Crystal
One sorrel silver, one black (usual) silver, one usual
(All reserved)

Crystal's had her babies with no problems at all this time (last year she had an emergency caesarean at three in the morning!!). Crystal was very proud of herself this morning when I checked her and I found that she had three lovely fluffy babies!! All the babies appear to be very healthy and are feeding well. As these have been born on a 'special' day (Friday 13th), I will be trying to name them suitably as I have done in the past for kittens that were  born on Halloween, Bonfire night and Boxing Day!!! Any suggestions are always welcome.

One day old

Crystal's kittens are now 11 days old and have more than doubled their birth weights. They also all have their eyes open. We still haven't come up with any names but hopefully we will do soon!

Crystal with her big, fat babies!

Sorrel silver


Black silver

At 17 days old, Crystal's kittens are growing very fast and are now very hard to weigh because they walk off the scales! Their personalities are beginning to show and their colours are also now far more apparent, especially the black silver.

Usual - "I'm such a big boy now!"

Black silver & Sorrel Silver - " We are trying to sleep"

"I know I'm handsome but I think you have enough pictures now!"

"Yes, I'm handsome too!"

"Where's my mum?!"

"There she is!"

Crystal's kittens are now four weeks old and have all learnt how to get out of their bed. They are enjoying running around their room and have even started to eat some of their mum's food. They are typical mischievous little boys and are not easy to photograph now!

Horus the black silver

Sorrel silver

Mephisto the usual

Three mischeivous boys!

Crystal's kittens are now five and a half weeks old and are all enjoying eating their kitten food. They are all typical bouncy kittens but also seem to enjoy curling up on our laps. Surprisingly, they seemed to enjoy posing for their pictures today! They also all now have names.

Superstition - sorrel silver

Horus - black silver

Mephisto - usual

Superstition & Mephisto

Crystal & Mephisto

Superstition & Horus

Crystal's kittens are now seven weeks old and are some of the most affectionate kittens I've ever known (kittens are normally far too busy playing to pay much attention to us at this age). These kittens love to be cuddled and will follow us around the house for a cuddle  - if they can't find anybody they will miaow until we find them!! They are also very purry.


Horus waving!


At nine weeks old Crystal's kittens are extremely boisterous and are real characters. They rarely stay still for photos as they just want to play all day. They will be having their first vaccinations tomorrow.

A very rare quite moment at eight weeks old!

Mephisto - "I've got it mummy!!"

Horus stalking

Superstition - watching his brothers with his 'demon eyes'!!



At twelve weeks old Crystal's kittens have had their second vaccinations and are waiting to go to there lovely new homes next week.

Horus licking his lips!

Mephisto watching his brothers play

Superstition looking very grown up

Superstition with Jay



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