Black silver male and female, and sorrel silver female born 3rd December 2004 from Joe x Crystal

Crystal didn't have the easiest labour with her kittens as she stopped having contractions after one kitten and, despite the vet giving her oxytocin to try to restart them, and two more being born, there were still two kittens inside her who had to be delivered by caesarean. Unfortunately these last two didn't make it but Crystal and her other three babies are all doing well and she has taken to motherhood extremely well!

Crystal protecting her babies

"where's our mummy gone?"

Sorrel silver underneath

"Will you please leave me in peace!!"


At ten days old Crystal's babies have trebled in weight and all have their eyes open. They are also starting to look more "silver". Crystal still seems to be enjoying being a mother and her caesarean scar is healing very well.

Crystal using her babies as a pillow!

Sorrel silver female

Black silver female

Black silver male


Crystal's babies are now three weeks old and are exploring their surroundings. Their silver colouring is becoming far more apparent. We have one name so far - the sorrel silver will be called "Saffron" and she will be staying with us.

Black silver female

Black silver male roaring!



Crystal's babies are now six and a half weeks and although they are now fully weaned, they still love to feed from their mum when they are tired. They all seem to have really lovely laid back temperaments. They also all have names now.

"Will you please leave me in peace to feed my babies!"



Saffron - or Deedee as she now seems to be called!!

The three monkeys!!


At eight weeks Crystal's babies are starting to look grown up. They will be having their first vaccinations next week.


Deedee (Saffron)



Crystal's babies are now nearly twelve weeks old and will be having their second vaccinations in a couple of days before going off to their new homes. The ticking on their coats is now really starting to come through.




Deedee & Ozzy



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