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One chocolate male born 31st January 2016 from Crystalpaws Ollivander (Olly) x Crystalpaws Coco-Noisette (Coco)

Coco had been telling me all morning that she was going to have her kittens but finally started to have contractions at around 13:00. It took quite a while to see any sign of a kitten but finally Coco had a lovely big chocolate boy at 14:15. I had hoped that Coco would have more than one but he is a lovely big healthy boy and he will have plenty of half brothers and sisters and cousins to play with when he is bigger:-) Coco and her baby are doing well.

One day old

Coco's kitten is doing really well having all the milk to himself. He used to cry a lot when Coco was out of the bed, I think because he has no siblings to curl up with, but he seems much more content now and is quite a chilled out boy. He has more than doubled his birth weight.

Chocolate male

At two weeks old, Coco's kitten has his eyes half open. He is gaining weight at a phenomenal rate and he now weighs more than most of Bella's kittens:-)

Chocolate male

At three weeks old, Coco's kitten has his eyes fully open. He is such a big boy and weighs more than some of Bella's kittens who are three days older. It took ages to get a picture of him, as he turned his head every time I pressed the button;-)

Chocolate male

At four weeks old, Coco's kitten is out of his kitten box and is enjoying exploring his kitten pen. He will soon be meeting Bella's kittens, so that he has some friends to play with.

Chocolate male

At five weeks old, Coco's kitten now spends all his time with Bella and her kittens. Coco has come into season again and, unfortunately, has lost interest in her baby but he has blended happily in with Bella's kittens. He is loving having some friends to play with and is also enjoying solid food now.

Chocolate male



Contact details

Debbie Dixon
01206 845776

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