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One usual male and one usual female born 13th May 2010 from Olathe Crystal Blade (Blade) x Crystalpaws Cinder-Toffee (Cinders)
Both reserved.

Cinders had quite a difficult labour due to the first kitten being very big and breech! This kitten appeared to be stuck and we were just about to call the vet when, suddenly, Cinders gave a really big push and he was born. He was very lifeless at first but we managed to get him breathing and he even started to suckle once his brother and sister were born. We thought he was going to survive but sadly he died the next day - I think his birth was just too traumatic for him.
Cinders is proving to be a fantastic mum and her other two kittens are real fatties!

4 days old

At nearly two weeks old, Cinders' kittens are doing really well and are starting to open their eyes. Cinders is being a fantastic, relaxed mum. I think the female is a pale usual colour which is making her look like she could be silver but I'm reserving judgment on this one at the moment!



At nearly four weeks old, Cinders' kittens are still real fatties! Cinders is proving to be a fantastic mum. The female is a pale usual which is quite a nice contrast with her brother, especially as they are going to take over the same home!

Sleepy male

Very sleepy female

At five weeks old, Cinders' kittens our out of their kitten box and are eating their mum's food. They are still really chunky kittens and love chasing each other around.

Male - what a handsome boy!

Female - looking like she's weeing but she wasn't!!

At eight weeks old, Cinders' kittens are now eating really well and are enjoying tearing around the house with Sienna's kittens and Tas's kittens!

Male looking very handsome!

Female looking very pretty!

At ten weeks old, Cinders' kittens have had their first vaccinations and vet checks. They are now enjoying some fresh air playing in our cat run that is attached to the conservatory. They have also decided that our big cat climbing frame is their bed with Tas's kittens and all the adult cats have been relegated to the chairs!

Male showing his lovely rich colour!

Female watching the 'big' cats playing!

At thirteen weeks old, Cinders' kittens suddenly seem very grown up! They have had their second vaccinations and will be going to their new home in a couple of days.

Male waiting patiently for his dinner!

Female watching the birds from under the table in the conservatory!



Contact details

Debbie Dixon
01206 845776

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