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One usual female born 1st April 2015 from Crystalpaws Ollivander (Olly) x Crystalpaws Bellatrix Black (Bella)

I had started to think that maybe Bella wasn't pregnant as I couldn't feel any kittens, so I took her to our vet for his opinion. He wasn't sure either by feeling but an ultrasound confirmed that she was and the following day Bella had her baby very secretly in the afternoon without making a sound. I had been checking her regularly but when I went to give her her dinner, she was sitting very proudly with her baby. The kitten is feeding well and Bella is nice and relaxed.

2 days old

At one week old, Bella's kitten is growing fast and has more than doubled her birthweight. She hasn't opened her eyes yet but I think they will begin to open soon. She seems a very relaxed kitten and will happily curl up asleep in our hand.

Usual female

At two weeks old, Bella's kitten has her eyes open and is starting to find her voice - she 'shouts' when she can't find her mum. She is such a chunky little girl and has lovely rich colour.

Usual female

At three weeks old, Bella's kitten is much more active and is starting to pat at her blanket. She likes to have her tummy tickled too:-) Her ears are getting bigger now and stand upright.

Usual female

At four weeks old, Bella's kitten is now spending most of the time with her half brothers and sisters, Chilli's kittens. She is loving playing with the other kittens and Chilli doesn't seem to have noticed the extra baby. Bella is in season, so is wanting to spend some time away from her baby.

Usual female - Luna

At five weeks old, Bella's kitten is now eating solid food and is spending all of her time with Chilli's kittens as Bella seems to have forgotten that she has a baby;-) Luna has become quite a purry girl and likes her tummy tickled.


At six weeks old, Bella's kitten has suddenly become much more boisterous and loves to climb. She also likes to 'help' when I'm dishing up their food.


At seven weeks old, Bella's kitten is starting to seem much more grown up and is just beginning to lose some of her fluffy kitten fur. She is such a purry girl, as soon as you stroke her she purrs:-)

Luna - relaxing

At eight weeks old, Bella's kitten is getting harder and harder to take nice pictures of as she is just so lively. She was sitting nicely for her picture but I had to be quick before she moved, so it is a little out of focus.


At nine weeks old, Bella's kitten will be having her first vaccination in a couple of days. She is quite a madam, so I wonder how she will behave at the vet. She is such a purrer and loves her tummy being tickled.


At ten weeks old, Bella's kitten is looking so grown up. She has had her first vaccination and health check.


At eleven and a half weeks old, Bella's kitten will soon be having her second vaccination and going to her new home.





Contact details

Debbie Dixon
01206 845776

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