Three usual females born May 7th from Grand Champion Agapae Telemachus x Amber.
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Amber and her three babies are all doing very well. At one day old, all three appear to be very strong, greedy kittens!

Amber looking after her babies.

At ten days old Amber's babies have their eyes almost fully open. They are definitely very strong, fat babies!!

Amber the proud mum

Eyes almost fully open


At two and a half weeks, Amber's babies are beginning to show interest in climbing out of their box. Amber is a very relaxed mother and her babies are very content.

Usual female

Usual female

Usual female

Chasing each other around


Amber's kittens are now nearly six weeks old and are still very fat! They all appear to have very relaxed temperaments like their mum.

"Please don't bite me, I'm trying to look cute for my picture!"


Posing too!

At just over eight weeks Amber's kittens are growing up fast and enjoy tearing around the house with Milly's kittens. They also all have names now.




Amber "Aren't you all getting a bit big for this!?"

We just had time to take some pictures of Amber's kittens before they went off to their new homes at thirteen weeks old.





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