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Welcome to our galleries of past and present Aby's

Becha & baby Blossom

My big brother makes a really good cushion!

Kissing kittens

Crystaltips Jackpot Jack (23b) at about three weeks

Keep still, you're not quite clean!

Becha & Blossom with their colour co-ordinated babies

Milly trying to get comfy when pergnant


It's my turn now!

Lilac kitten

Crystaltips Fluffy Tufts (23b)

Milly feeding her six monsters

Blossom's baby Mortimer

Otto & Mortimer in their new home

Piglet, the proud big brother

Sweet dreams

Crystaltips Tansy (23d)

Usual kitten

Baby Minky

Abychat Samson (23e)



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Debbie Dixon
01206 845776


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