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I have been involved with cat breeding for most of my life as my mum (Maureen Lear) bred Siamese cats under the Crystaltips prefix from the 1970's. She bred strong, healthy cats, many living well into their teens. Unfortunately, due to the introduction of some unhealthy lines, she stopped breeding Siamese in the late 1980's and just kept a few as pets.

In 1991, after the loss of my two moggies (one in a road accident, the other simply went missing) I decided that I would like an Abyssinian (I had seen them at shows and had always admired their unique look). Originally I had wanted a sorrel female that I would like to have a couple of litters from (famous last words!!). After many phone calls, to many very helpful breeders, I settled on a usual female (Minoumia Ameya Dembecha) who carried sorrel and hoped to breed a sorrel.
The Crystaltips prefix was transferred into our joint names and the "couple of litters" became a few more than I had originally intended - Aby's are addictive!!
We bred Aby's jointly for some time but in 2002 I decided it was about time I had my own prefix. I wanted a name that was easily connected to Crystaltips so I chose Crystalpaws and the first Crystalpaws Abyssinians were born in March 2003.

Our aim is to breed kittens who grow into beautiful, healthy, sociable adults. All of our cats are pets first and all of our kittens are brought up as part of the family, they are exposed to all of the usual household noises, such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners etc. so when they go off to their new homes nothing should come as a shock to them!

I breed  usual, sorrel, blue, fawn, lilac, chocolate, sex-linked and silver Aby's.



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Debbie Dixon
01206 845776


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