2nd January 1993 - 17th November 2006
Rest in Peace



We are very sad that Blossom had to be put to sleep due to sudden heart failure and fluid on her lungs. Blossom had suffered from eczema since she was spayed when she was about three years old and the only treatment that had helped was regular steroid injections but even these hadn't seemed to control it over the last six months. This was a very hard decision to make but ourselves and our vet felt that it was best for her, so that she didn't suffer any more.  
Blossom was the first Crystaltips Abyssinian (she made sure she was first as she was the only one in the litter!!) and she is the only cat I knew who would stick their tongue out when miaowing!!!
Blossom was a real character and loved bashing her head in everybody's face - she just loved people.
Blossom will be sadly missed but never forgotton - we still have her mum Becha and her great niece Ghost.


Blossom with her mum Becha

A mother's love - Becha with baby Blossom




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