11th July 1991 - 1st May 2007
Rest in Peace



Becha was my first Aby and our foundation queen, she was the mother of the first Crystaltips champion (Champion Crystaltips Blue Max). Unfortunately Becha developed Pyometra and had an emergency spaying on Christmas Eve in 1995 after only three litters of kittens.
Becha used to spend all of her time with her daughter Blossom, who sadly passed away last year, and Becha seemed to miss her immensely. She hadn't eaten well since Blossom had gone and had become incontinent over the last couple of months, this meant that she lost a huge amount of weight and was just a shadow of her former self. It was a very hard decision but our vet and ourselves felt that she had no quality of life, so we let her go so that she can be with Blossom - her daughter and friend for 14 years.
Becha will never be forgotten and she lives on in her great-grand daughter Ghost and all her other descendents.

Becha aged 10 months

Aged 6 years

With her baby Blossom




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