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Hello and welcome to my website! I have been breeding Abyssinian's since 1991 and breed all colours (usual, sorrel, blue, fawn, chocolate, lilac, silvers and sex-linked). We are based in Essex in the UK.
My aim is to breed healthy, well-adjusted kittens who are a joy to share your home with!    
All of our breeding cats are tested clear of PRA and PK (or come from lines that are clear), which means that none of our kittens will develop PRA or have PK def. (What is PRA?) : (What is PK def?)

After 25 years, we are taking a break from breeding and will be neutering most of our breeding cats. Two of our studs and a couple of our girls are going to other breeders to continue the lines. We have kept Olly, Coco, Chilli and Nessie as neutered pets along with our elderly Maine Coon, Tigger.


Crystalpaws Tinkerbell
(Usual tortie Abyssinian)

Crystalpaws Ollivander
(Sorrel Abyssinian)


Crystalpaws Mystique
(Blue silver Abyssinian)


Crystalpaws Brigittebardot at 4 months old
(Fawn Abyssinian)

Contact Details:

Debbie Dixon
01206 845776


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